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What Is In a Name: Advice for Naming Your Startup

A name, in short, is everything. A business’ name signifies the business’ destiny. You cannot afford to name your startup carelessly – that might just cost you the whole business. A startup’s name sets the motion and the direction of the firm. It spells the vision, mission, and even objective of the enterprise. It’s the beginning of a brand. And, moreover, a name determines who identifies with your organization.

The Difference Between A Small Business and a Startup

The United States of America was built with an entrepreneurial spirit. Without creativity and invention, new businesses and technological advances could never happen. In the early days of our country, growth was everywhere. There were new states to discover, new resources to harvest, and new dreams to cultivate. In today’s advanced world, we tend to pinpoint innovation and creation of new technology within business and beyond in one place: Silicon Valley.

The Top Podcasts For Entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs travel often and a lot of their information comes from podcasts. In the United States 57 million individuals listen to podcasts for new ideas and insightful opinions. This helps an entrepreneur remain on the cutting edge of business and most have specific podcasts with a unique appeal they try not to miss.

Startup Competition and How To Rise Above It

The cutthroat competition witnessed in the business world has always been there since time immemorial, and no particular business new or old gets shielded from it. As businesses evolve so too does the competition, and as a result, new startups have only but one option to stay in business; to adapt fast or be phased out.

Top 7 Most Successful Startups Of All Time

Building something from nothing into something is not an easy task. Many startups almost 90% have failed however there are those that have stood against all the odds and have become successful leading companies in the world. A successful startup is not measured by the number of followers the company has on Twitter or the kind of office the business occupies but rather on the rate of capital and the rate of growth.

How To Network For Your Startup

When it comes to networking, the most important tip to keep in mind and advice to follow is just do it. However, what to do and how to execute these actions take a little bit of explaining. And, when it comes to networking in particular to new startups, there are a few more tips and tricks of the trade to follow for success.

The Reasons So Many Tech Startups Go To Silicon Valley

Technical startups including Adobe and Intel have made Silicon Valley their home partially because the area is a proven mecca of success. Similar industries have always congregated into specific areas to offer a choice to consumers. This means building a successful infrastructure containing businesses in the same field becomes easier.

Startup Mistakes to Avoid

Each year, there are thousands of businesses that open up across the United States. Unfortunately, a good portion of them won’t last for more than a few years before they have to make the difficult decision to shut down. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Choosing the Right Startup Board

Choosing the right people for your board of directors is no easy task. You need to be able to trust the people on your board to help made decision that will impact every aspect of your startup. For many young entrepreneurs, the selection process is one of the most...

Metadata Blog: The Strategic Messaging Method

This blog was originally published by Gil Allouche on the blog page. As a Marketer, you need to convince your prospect to behave in a certain way! You use a range of techniques to inform a person’s perception of a product or service. These techniques...


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