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Will Slota

Meet Will

Will Slota is a seasoned financial services professional with over sixteen years of experience within the finance industry. After a long career serving as a financial analyst for private equity and management consultant firms, Will has recently transitioned into the technology startup industry, helping with business development, finance, and management operations.

With a diverse skillset and experience launching, managing, and advising SMEs and venture capital companies, Will is passionate about capital raising, prudent financial planning, and business innovation.

Currently serving as the Vice President of Finance for Metadata, Will manages all of the company’s financial and operational matters. Metadata provides B2B marketers with simple prospect database enrichment using over 150+ data signals to give businesses greater insights into their current prospects, and easy to implement micro-targeting strategies for prospective new customers. The goal at Metadata is to consistently provide clients with a predictable channel of SQLs and optimize their demand generation efforts.

Will has worked to refine the product pricing, establish product/market fit, build and automate the company’s benefits and payroll capabilities, target and hire key talent, determine unit cost economics, prepare financial statements, and contribute to the overall corporate strategy. He has worked closely with senior leaders to drive sales growth, trim monthly operating costs, and seek improvements in operational processes. Furthermore, Will serves as a liaise with external legal representation on corporate documents and approves all client proposals.

Prior Experience

Previously, Will has spent over seven years with Platinum Partners, a strategic business development consulting firm delivering integrated business solutions to leading corporation all over the world. During this tenure with the firm, Will served as Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Special Projects. He also spent several years as a Manager with Deloitte & Touche, LLP as well as a Financial Analyst with Goldman Sachs.

These diverse positions held within the financial services industry, allowed Will Slota to develop and refined his broad finance-based skillset. He has extensive financial experience that includes private equity debt underwriting, accounting, valuation, and due diligence. His experience on the investment side of the business includes investment opportunity sourcing and negotiation for private and public equity and debt, as well as post-closing monitoring and workouts. Finally, his operating experience includes financial advisory for HNW individuals and family offices, front-to-back alternative investment company operations, and financial reporting.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Will Slota is a committed philanthropist who cares deeply about giving back to the community and building a more sustainable future for our environment.

Will is currently in the process of partnering with a local public school in San Francisco to have Metadata adopt the school. The organization will donate money and provide valuable resources for the students, including mentorship programs and internships so that they can gain valuable work experience.

Previously, Will spent four years volunteering as a mentor and coach for the Center For Talented Youth (Johns Hopkins University). Through the organization, Will mentored children on the world of business and helped kids develop their own business plans.

Moving forward, Will Slota is eager to join a nonprofit board, ideally with an environmentally-focused organization that aims to introduce high-end technology solutions in an effort to improve energy saving, reduce waste, and create a more sustainable society.